Re-Roofing and New Roof Services

Re-Roofing and New Roof ServicesLet us protect your home or business premises

If your home or business premises has currently got a flat roof and you would like this altered, we at CP Morgan can transform it into a pitched roof which is far more traditional. A pitched roof will not only reduce your energy bills they can add much more value to your property too.

A wide range of tiling styles

We have all the required experience here at CP Morgan when it comes to all the different tiling styles. We are able to fit your roof with many different tiling options including clay, slate, concrete and many more different styles too.

We can also provide you with the option of fibreglass, if your home or business premises currently has a flat roof. Fibreglass will ensure your flat roof will last for many, many years.

At CP Morgan we totally understand that you’ll want to consider the many different options that are available to you and of course the different types of materials as well as scale. At CP Morgan we are delighted to offer you a free no obligation quote, this will provide you with the opportunity to discuss with us all your different options and we can also advise you on what we believe would be the better option for your roofing needs.

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