Plastering and Dry Lining

Plastering and Dry LiningAchieve smooth and fast results

At CP Morgan we are very proud of the services that we can offer our customers and you’re always guaranteed a first class service. We have been plastering interior walls for over 20 years and as a result, it has become second nature to us.

Whether you’re looking to plaster the interiors of a newly built house that needs a finish applied or maybe you’re looking to alter or extend your existing home and need a smooth finish to your walls, we at CP Morgan can help you.

We can also undertake larger refurbishments too, for instance older buildings for domestic and commercial customers.

Quality materials for a perfectly smooth finish

There are many different materials that are used to create a smooth finish and its’ the quality of these materials which enables us to achieve the excellent results we deliver.

These materials include Gypsum Basted Plasters, these types of plasters are more often used on new builds and they are extremely malleable. There are also Earth Plasters and Lime Putty Plasters, this type of plaster was the go to plaster for newly built homes before Gypsum became available. Other types of plaster include Sand & Cement Render, which is often used for walls that may have damp issues and Sawn Lathes, which is also known as Hand Riven.

Thanks to these materials, we at CP Morgan are able to provide you with an excellent finish to your walls. Many people try and plaster their walls themselves but this usually ends in disaster with walls that aren’t at all smooth. You can only achieve outstanding results when you get professional plasterers in to carry out the job successfully.

Our Dry Lining Service

Dry Lining is also known as dot & dab and involves putting dots of drywall adhesive onto your wall. You then dab the plasterboard onto these adhesive dots. If you have rendered an interior wall you will usually have to leave it for two days to allow the render to cure, which will make allowances for shrinkage, before you can carry out the skimming process.

Dot & Dabbing can save you a large amount of time because the plasterboard is already dry, so as soon as the adhesive has set you can then start to skim. Plaster dries faster on top of plasterboard when compared with new keyed render.

We at CP Morgan are experts at dry lining and will always carry out a successful job.

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At CP Morgan our reputation speaks for itself, we are experts at our trade and our team know exactly how to achieve only the best results for your walls. Here at CP Morgan we take great pride in every job we do whether large or small.

For more information about our interior plastering services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, here at CP Morgan. We will happily answer any of your questions.

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