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Damp Proofing / TankingWe will solve all your damp issues successfully

Here at CP Morgan we are more than proud of the services that we can offer our customers and one of these services is our damp proofing service. There are many reasons as to why you may have damp in your property and we at CP Morgan will be able to find the cause. Rising damp rises through your bricks and mortar beds. What happens then is the mortar will become a pathway in which the water can begin to rise up the walls. Whatever the cause of your damp in your home or business premises, we at CP Morgan can help you.

How we can help

There are many damp proofing products that can be used and we will advise you on what we believe the best solution will be. These could be damp treatment products, re plastering and finishing products, membrane fixing plugs, damp proof paint, waterproofing paints, masonry protection creams, liquid DMP for walls and floors, membrane sealing tape and rope or drainage systems and channels.

As you can see there are many options available when it comes to damp proofing your property and we will know exactly which route to take to get the problem solved as quickly as possible.

What about tanking?

If your room is below ground level then you’re best option could be tanking. Damp rooms quite often benefit from tanking and we at CP Morgan are happy to offer you this service. Damp rooms will end up causing decorative problems and will also result in a cold home. By tanking your room you can help solve the problem of damp and mould issues. You will also be preventing any water from penetrating the property.

When to consider tanking

Condensation can develop when your inside walls are much colder than your outside ones. Condensation can cause mould to develop, especially if you haven’t got adequate ventilation going into the room. Salt can also be introduced into your walls if you have a rising damp problem in your property. Salt is what’s known as hygroscopic, what this means is that salt attracts water and so as you can imagine this only goes to make the issue much worse, if it’s not solved. Salt will not only attract more water which is does by drawing it up from the air it can also leave very unpleasant damage to the finish of your plaster.

There really is no quick fix, to get the best results you must first of all remove any plaster that has been damaged by the salt, otherwise you are only going to be hiding the problem and not treating it.

Tanking isn’t only used for rising damp. If you’re planning on converting a basement or if you have any room under your property that’s below the level of your damp proof course, your walls will definitely be damp. This is because the substrate contains water.

What are the tanking methods?

There are two main methods for tanking including Tanking Membrane and Tanking Slurry. Tanking Membrane comes in the form of a sheet and Tanking Slurry has been chemically designed so that it bonds with damp masonry and will form a waterproof layer. The best option will depend on your specific requirements and of course, the type of damp that you’re dealing with. There is the chance that you may benefit from using a combination of these methods to ensure your walls stay completely dry.

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For more information about our damp proofing services including our tanking services please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, here at CP Morgan. We are experts when it comes to solving damp issues and we would be more than happy to get your damp problem solved, as fast as possible.

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